3 words that explain why our products can make a real difference…and your money back if they don’t

Just because you’re taking mineral supplements doesn’t mean that your body will also absorb, store and use them. A surprisingly large amount of supplements actually only result in “expensive urine”. Most of it comes right back out.

Here’s three words that make Better Natural supplements unique.

Natural, liquid, ionic

1. Natural

 Minerals, like most of the 118 atoms on the atomic table, are never found in Nature in their pure form. They are unstable and need to bind to another atom or molecule to get their stability. (for more info read chemistry 101, why atoms need to stabilize).

When we absorb minerals from the foods that we eat, these supplements always come in the form of food acids, like citrates. Why? Because food acids are an essential part of the transition circle of life that gives us energy (also called the Krebs cycle). It’s a part of life itself.

When scientists try to create mineral supplements in their labs, however, they use all kinds of stabilizing agents, but they’re essentially creating man-made molecules that are very different from what the body is used to. Look at any supplement, and it’s never just the mineral. Instead you read complicated terms like Zinc sulfate, Magnesium Oxide, Selenium Selenite.

These stabilizers are foreign elements that the body has to break down, which takes energy. It’s like trying to talk to someone in a foreign language. With some effort you might get your message across, but it takes energy and effort.

We partnered with scientists who discovered a way to produce each and every one of the minerals in liquid citrate form. This is not only the natural form that the body is used to, but is actually the crucial part of the same cycle that gives energy.

So it’s completely natural, and it’s better. That fit right into our strategy of bringing Better Natural products to the market, just like our construction and solar technologies do.

Now, there are other scientists who have managed to produce certain minerals in citrate form, but, with the exception of a few minerals, they can’t do it in a form that is water soluble, which then creates a whole bunch of other challenges for the body.

Which brings us to our next point

2. Liquid

Before the body can absorb nutrients it has to turn everything in a liquid form. Mineral supplements that are already in liquid form will be absorbed much more easily than pills. Not to mention that pills also have a lot of other foreign stuff in them that the body has to break down to get to the good stuff. Check the ingredient list of any pills, and it tends to be loooong. Our ingredient list? The Element in citrate form, and water. That’s it.

3. Ionic

Ionic simply means that the mineral particles in our solution have a charge. This means they’ll more eager to bind (=being absorbed) to other particles. Think of a magnet that is attracted to another magnet.

So…Natural = better than chemical, Liquid = better than pills, Ionic = better than regular.

Now combine the three, and all that at a surprisingly low cost, and you can understand why so many people are raving about our supplements.

Not satisfied = money back

And we promise you will be raving too. In fact, we’re so certain of this, that we offer you your money back if you won’t. If after at least 2/3rds of the number of daily servings of any our supplements, you still don’t feel a real difference, or don’t feel anything to rave about, just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll refund you. No questions asked.