Free presentation: Friday oct 15, 7:30 PM. (Victory day)

Live (socially distanced) at our 6000 sq ft production facility in Fairfield (602 N 6th St) or
Online through Zoom.
or sign up to watch the recording if you can’t make the live presentation.

Limited seating: Reserve your seat through the form below.

  1. Reducing the cost of solar energy by 75%. How we do it, prototype demonstration and update on setting up our production
  2. Building far better (Vastu) houses at a 20-40% lower cost. How we do it, prototype demonstration and building first houses
  3. Unique low-risk high-gain investment opportunities, even for small investors. How we fulfill the 7 criteria to create a truly successful company, and have a unique investment structure that keeps risks low.
  4. A unique, realistic proposal to fund a permanent group of 2000 Yogic Flyers requiring only a $10 Million advance, to be paid back with 150% ROI.

More detail about the presentation below. Also be sure to watch our 2 videos on our solar and construction technologies

Reserve your seat for the presentation

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    What we’ll be presenting, in a bit more detail.

    Fairfield has been the home of many successful companies that have created a lot of employment opportunities as well as significant support for TM movement projects, like Cambridge, Books Are Fun, Telegroup, etc. In this presentation we will explain how we plan to make Better Natural the next success story, and hopefully an even bigger one.

    • We’ll be explaining what makes our 2 technologies – to build better houses and far more beautiful solar energy at a far lower cost – unique, and why we believe they each have billion-dollar potential. We’ll explain how we fulfill the 7 criteria that investors look at to determine the potential a company has
    • We’ll introduce the founder of Better Natural, and his previous (including building a $5M company at age 19, managing a $15M investment, and a 300 employee company for Maharishi in Eastern Europe and creating an internet marketing campaign for the TM organisation that ultimately got 20 million website visitors and tripled TM instructions in 55 countries).
    • We’ll explain our expansion strategy, and how we’ll make it very hard for anyone to copy what we’re doing
    • We’ll explain our marketing strategy, and show that marketing tests have already shown that our biggest problem will not be creating demand, but organising the supply

    This all creates unique opportunities for investors, as it’s now still possible to invest at a very low valuation compared to our potential.

    • Where we are now: with the $500,000 we already raised, we prototyped both technologies and have proven that they work, set up a complete production facility allowing us to build up to 100 houses per year, and already created some key elements for our solar energy manufacturing process
    • We have unique opportunities to buy used machinery at a very low cost, so that with only $150,000 more we can now set up our complete solar panel manufacturing line.
    • LOW RISK investment: We’ll explain our unique investment structure where our assets and machinery are essentially collateral for the investment, so that even in a worst case scenario, the investor can expect to recover a large portion of his investment, or even the full amount
    • HIGH GAIN: We’ll explain that investors who get in now, have a potential for a very high return (up to 100 fold and more if we reach our full potential), while at the same time also supporting TM Movement projects to make the world a better place.
    • Minimum investment is $5000.

    Creating a new permanent group of 2000 Yogic Flyers in Fairfield.

    This last section of the presentation will be specifically for those who’d like to see a new group of 2000 Yogic Flyers in Fairfield.

    • We’ll show how our unique technologies, and a creative new business plan, will allow us to support 2000 Yogic Flyers on a permanent basis by building for them, and charging them a very low rent (as low as $180 a month) if they regularly attend group Yogic Flying sessions.
    • We’ll show a financial model that shows how we can do all of this while only requiring a $10M advance, which will be repaid with 150% ROI over the next few years. Or, if we still can’t find the donors at such a low amount, how we’ll eventually fund everything ourselves (though in this scenario it will take a lot longer).
    • We’ll show a unique new outreach program, a new creative way to get wealthy donors interested that hasn’t been tried before.

    Once you’ll hear everything, We’re sure you’ll agree that this proposal creates a realistic chance (perhaps the most realistic yet) to create a new permanent group of Yogic Flyers, both in terms of inspiring donors and in terms of inspiring hundreds of Yogic Flyers to join this project and for Yogic Flyers from around the US to even move to Fairfield. (ultra-low cost of living, possibility to attend group Yogic Flying and send their children to Maharishi School, etc.).

    What makes our technologies unique, explained in 2 short videos

    1. Solar energy at a 75% lower cost, a 1 to 3-year payback, and it looks beautiful (2 min)


    2. Building fireproof, moldproof and soundproof houses with a 50% lower energy cost… at a 20% lower construction cost (6 min)