Why can we build houses at a lower cost?

Some builders decrease cost by cutting corners on quality, by working with cheaper building materials, for example. That’s not what we do. We invented a way to decrease the cost while increasing the quality of the house. See why do our houses have a higher quality of life?

Our unique system allows us to use a building material for our walls which is virtually free, the soil beneath our feet, while the labor costs are significantly lower as well. At the same time our system allows us to have a far superior radiant heating/cooling system at a 50% lower cost than a forced air heating system (as well as a 50% lower energy cost), plus we use a superior insulation material at a lower cost, and a different type of footings/foundation that costs significantly less.

People often ask us to quote a price per square foot using our building system. That’s almost impossible for us to give, as the cost will depend on a lot of local factors like the design, local material costs, local labor costs etc.

What we can reasonably estimate is the cost compared to other local builders who build regular lumber frame houses. Based on all the areas described above where we can build at a lower cost, we can reasonably estimate that we’d be able to build the same house at at least a 10% lower cost.  If we can build a house from our portofolio of standardized designs then this brings the cost of construction down as well, which could very well result in another 5-10% decrease in costs.

On top the lower energy costs should decrease the total cost of ownership (what you pay every month for your house loan + energy costs) by at least another 5%.